Multilingualism innovations

Multilingualism is an inclusive environment where more than one language is used to learn, and learning what the world looks like in more than one language.
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Kimple education
The digital environment for teachers with pedagogical resources for an immediate classroom implementation to bring SDG related topics: sustainability, gender equality, diversity, fake news, computatio
Kusi Kawsay: andean pedagogy
The Kusi Kawsay Association seeks to empower the children, youth and adults of Indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley near Cusco (Peru) through the creation and support of permanent and multidisc
Bloom is free, open-source software that enables people to create books in their own languages. Even people with modest IT skills can quickly learn to use Bloom to create books in any language and any
Literacy for the Deaf, Mexico
The innovation that we present is an educational services website for the Deaf. We are committed to national and international collaborations in exchanging advances in Pedagogy of the Deaf. Our prim
Moi Panda
Moi Panda provides a social and educational APP for both children and parents to make friends worldwide. We believe that if all children would have the chance to use Moi Panda, it would significantly
Teacher Development Webinars
Teacher Development Webinars is an initiative using the rise in online professional development to connect people from around the world with opportunities which they may not have had due to the old no
The ENACT app
With the ENACT interactive player, you can learn a foreign language through the foreign culture by carrying out a cultural activity – our app shows you how. Learn Japanese while you’re making an orig embraces all elements of language learning through the traditional method of storytelling while harnessing the ubiquity of electronics. It allows children to work independently while being su
Zoe's Read on the go
Zoe's read on the go app is an app that allows students the chance of reading or listening to their textbooks while doing other things like the house chores, which is a normal excuse for students in A
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Language Explorers
Language Explorers is Mother Tongues’ award-winning language awareness initiative for primary schools. Language Explorers activities are designed to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the clas
Babel Babies
Founded in 2011, Babel Babies offers parents/early years settings with children from birth to age 10 the chance to learn languages together. Songs and stories in ten different languages are at the hea