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The Future Is Green

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“The future is green” initiative was born from the desire to involve schools in environmental preservation activities and democratize access to the most beautiful flowers in the world. It aims to transform abandoned areas within schools into flower production units and organic vegetable gardens. We are convinced that education is an effective instrument to promote sustainable development.
Mohammed Adnan El Guennouni
“We refuse to admit that there is an insufficiency of development capacity within Morocco. We are convinced that we can make this country a land of color.

Mohammed Adnan El Guennouni


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Why did you create this innovation?

The association “The Future is Green ”, founded in 2018 by Mohammed Adnan El Guennouni, was first launched to encourage the inhabitants of Sidi Kacem to participate in the beautification of their neighborhoods. Working collectively, they succeeded in transforming a lot of abandoned spaces within the city into flower beds.

How does your innovation work in practice?

School activities can be an effective means to desseminate green ideas. Consequently, a link between valuable knowledge, practical know-how and interpersonal skills is possible, especially when school facilities have enough green spaces to enable children to learn more fruitfully. Through its environmental education activities, our association wishes to confirm a deeply etched in the minds of Moroccan youth belief: “We refuse to admit that there is an insufficiency of development capacity within Morocco. We are convinced that we can make this country a land of color. We believe that it is wise to offer all Moroccans a decent life ”.

We want to change the mentalities and attitudes of the population vis-à-vis the creation and the preservation of green spaces. It is a long road that requires the work of generations, but the results can be fascinating. Through an effective program of environmental education at the national level, in 25 years, there will be no garbage storage anywhere.

How has it been spreading?

Making education for sustainable development our hobbyhorse, the association “ The future is green” has managed to engage the children of the city of Sidi Kacem in the transformation of several abandoned spaces into flowerbeds as well as the transformation of a garbage bin of 500 m² into a flower production unit. The initiative has donated flowers to public schools and other institutions, and has organized environmental education workshops for the benefit of young people, sub-Saharan migrants, and women in the regions of North, Fez– Meknes, and Rabat-Salé-Kenitra. We have currently succeeded in forming the first volunteer green team that is to take over the activities of the association in partnership with the schools of the city of Sidi Kacem in Morocco.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We are seeking funds to finance our activities. We need your help and your participation to our « Forever Green » project .This program allows you to plant trees, as a citizen or organization, within public schools in the rural areas of Morocco. There is also the possibility of participating in the activitities as a volunteer. Every tree, from its plantation to its mature age, will cost 35$.



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