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The Victoria, Australia Spotlight Has Been Released!

10 of the most inspiring innovations in Victoria, Australia, have been announced! Find out about the most exciting things going on in classrooms in Australia!
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About Victoria, Australia

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Got Your Tickets For Educhange Festival? Be There When We Reveal HundrED Spotlight Innovations!
HundrED with their local partners Education Changemakers and the Atlassian Foundation have identified ten inspiring education innovations in Victoria, Australia, ready to be revealed at the EduChange
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HundrED Partners with EC and the Atlassian Foundation To Discover Ten Innovations in Victoria, Australia
We've partnered with Melbourne based Education Changemakers, Australia’s leading education innovation company and the Atlassian Foundation to launch our debut Spotlight which will identify ten of the
How Is The Australia Spotlight Going To Work?
Want to know more about HundrED's first global Spotlight in Victoria, Australia? We detail how it works and how you can get involved!
HundrED's First Global Spotlight Will Be In Australia!
HundrED Spotlight is where we take a hands-on approach to innovating education in a certain geographical area or an area of expertise. We’ll be following a small selection of projects and helping to d
Matt Esterman: Collectively Students Can Do Much More Than The Individual Teacher Can
Matt Esterman is a high school teacher and a New Learning Coordinator at St. Scholastica's College in Sydney, Australia
Dan Haesler: A Teacher Needs To Be A Learner
Dan Haesler is an international keynote speaker, educator, writer and consultant currently positioned in Sydney, Australia
Anthony Mackay: Learning Is A Shared Responsibility
Anthony Mackay is CEO of the Centre for Strategic Education in Melbourne, Australia and Co Chair of the Global Education Leaders Partnership ( GELP ).