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Technology Industries of Finland: Professional expertise builds Finland

We receive constant messages from our member companies about the lack of people who are skilled, enthusiastic and vocationally trained. That’s why Technology Industries of Finland with 20 VET institutions as a partner, asked HundrED to conduct this research and an innovation survey to make sure that we get enough knowledgeable, enthusiastic and employable young people to the technology sector. This challenge is related to the attractiveness and quality of TVET, and also to the progression of the new reform. We want to find new ways to develop technical and vocational education and training.
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About Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

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HundrED Research publishes Technical and Vocational Educational Training Report in collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland
HundrED is committed to sharing ideas and innovations that meet the needs of students today and ensure that they are well-equipped for success in the future. Our newest report on Technical and Vocatio