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community interview
Andreas Schleicher and Pasi Sahlberg Respond to COVID-Related Education Community Concerns
After our last webinar, we were unable to get to all the questions from our community. So, we followed up with Andreas Schleicher and education expert Pasi Sahlberg with some of our community members'
Sarah Bouchie on Scaling Innovations that Help to Develop Children's Full Potential
The LEGO Foundation is committed to re-defining play and re-imagining learning to ensure children develop the skills needed to navigate an uncertain and complex world. Sarah Bouchie, Vice President of
6.4.2020 Romayne Javangwe
community interview
ANEER On The Power Of Communities In Early Childhood And Preschools
ANEER program is based on an innovative model of community pre-schooling whose purpose is to impact the entire environment of children from school implementation to parental education. We caught up wi
19.3.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan
community interview
Caitlin Baron On Ensuring Access To Learning To Students Despite Poverty, Conflict, Or Discrimination
Caitlin Baron is the CEO of the Speed School Program, an intensive, child-centered approach to reach the most marginalized populations, children denied an education due to poverty, conflict, or discri
13.2.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan
community interview
Rose Luckin: Students, Teachers And Parents Working Together Are The Future Of Education
Rose Luckin is Professor of Learner Centred Design at the UCL Knowledge Lab in London. Her research involves the design and evaluation of educational technology using theories from the learning scienc
community interview
Sonam Wangchuk - On The Role Of Innovation In Education
Sonam Wangchuk is a leading education activist, a Solar Designer, environment and sustainability advocate from Ladakh, India. He currently heads the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives Ladakh (HIAL) a
18.11.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
community interview
Oliver Percovich On How Skateboarding Can Be Used To Positively Impact Communities | HundrED Innovation Summit
Oliver Percovich is the Executive Director of Skateistan, which empowers children and youth through skateboarding and education worldwide. Using the hook of skateboarding, Skateistan provides educatio
15.10.2019 Romayne Javangwe
community interview
Abhijit Sinha on Why Students Must Take the Lead in Creating their Own Learning Environments | HundrED Innovation Summit
Abhijit Sinha is the innovator behind Project DEFY (Design Education for Yourself), which is a system of learning that believes anyone can teach themselves anything by using the internet and the commu
14.8.2019 Romayne Javangwe
community interview
Lucia Lin on What It Means to Support Education Innovations | HundrED Innovation Summit
Lucia Lin is the Head of Global Network, Global Highlight for the Future of Education Hub, Taiwan. She is currently researching and teaching at the Fu Jen Catholic University in Graduate School of Sch
18.7.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
community interview
Tyler Thigpen On Designing Learning & Building Communities That Encourage Students to Explore their Purpose
Tyler Thigpen is a partner at Transcend. Transcend is a national US based non-profit that has a mission to accelerate innovation in the context of school. Tyler’s innovation for this HundrED confer
8.7.2019 Katija Aladin
community interview
A Conversation About Transitions, Adaptability, New Friends & Squirrels with Finnish Preschoolers
HundrED Ambassador and Finnish grade 5 teacher, Esa Säily went to Helsinki’s Susanna kindergarten to find out how preschoolers were feeling about the transition between kindergarten to grade 1. Read
17.6.2019 Esa Säily
community interview
Devon McLorg on Bringing Playful Learning Experiences to Children Affected by Violence and Trauma | HundrED Innovation Summit
Director of education (USA) for BRAC, Devon McLorg, sits down with the HundrED team to discuss play based learning in areas of conflict and the impact this model is having on children.
13.6.2019 Katija Aladin