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Sheizaf Rafaeli

- Centre For Internet Research, Israel
Sheizaf Rafaeli directs the Centre For Internet Research in Israel
Sheizaf Rafaeli directs the Centre For Internet Research in Israel

How should testing change?

I'm not an expert on testing but I have done some research and published some work on it. I think that we need to test, which is a gut feeling rather than anything rooted in any particular expertise.

I think we need testing for all of the reasons tests were invented. We need them to provide feedback to students, we need them to provide feedback to the teachers and to curriculum designers, we need them to provide assistance in selection and placement. We need tests as a form of motivation to learn in general. So I do not support some of the statements that are made that we should do less testing.

I think we should pay attention to the characteristics of tests. They need to be much more valid psychometrically and they need to be much more participatory. Right now the system is very archaic - most tests on most courses are not really validated. There is too little collaboration among teachers on creating corpora of test items, but there is a little opportunity already available through technology to make testing more open and transparent to all of the stakeholders.

Testing is going to continue to be unpopular - it is not something that students like and can play down, but we need it if we are going to be serious about personalised learning, and I am serious about personalised learning. The only way you can personalise learning is by having some measures for personalised dimensions - preferences, aptitudes, corrections.

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