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Sheizaf Rafaeli

- Centre For Internet Research, Israel
Sheizaf Rafaeli directs the Centre For Internet Research in Israel
Sheizaf Rafaeli directs the Centre For Internet Research in Israel

What should the role of the teacher be?

I think the teacher still has a lot of responsibilities in explaining and in being in personal touch with their students, but I think the teacher is going to be a lot less of a lecturer.

In different languages the word 'teacher' is actually based on verbs related to talking or lecturing, such as 'Professor,' which is someone who professes. Typically teachers are not the best professors in the sense of talking, statistically speaking half of them are worse than average.

We should get the best people in lecturing to lecture, and we should focus teachers' jobs on the more important parts of teaching such as being in touch, mentoring, following, measuring, providing feedback, and doing all of the things that you cannot do if you're on stage putting on a show. This means reviewing the process of training teachers, it means architectural changes to the school, it means schedule changes and time planning, but mostly it means rearranging our view of what education is.

I started teaching almost forty years ago, and when I started I was expected to know the answers. Every month that goes by I'm expected to know less because Google knows more than me and is accessible. There are things that I am expected to do, such as to follow, to stay in touch, to motivate and to set an example.

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