Junko Tanaka
Ambassador, Academy, Advisory

Junko Tanaka

Yokohama, Japan

Enjoy exploring! a master's degree student, researching Entrepreneurship Education for children in Finland | Afterschool teacher for primary school students -Houkago NPO afterschool in Japan | Educator in the community | Coordinator

Hi! I'm Junko Tanaka, I've studied at University of Oulu in Finland from August in 2019. I've researched Entrepreneurship Education for primary school students in Finland.
When I lived in Japan, I worked as an afterschool teacher in elementary schools. I played with them, worked many activities about Sustainable Development Goals, made programs and projects with local community stakeholders ( junior and upper secondary schools, universities, private companies etc...) also national and international organizations and companies.

I was a member of the delegation of Cabinet office programe and visited educational institutions for children and youth in Austria in 2017. I've been Denmark to visit schools in 2018.

I'm still a member of the afterschool in Japan, and after graducation, I will go back to Japan and work as an educator, maybe a primary school teacher.

In my freetime, I enjoy walking in nature, dancing zumba, baking, reading novels and watching movies. 

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I wanna be a coordinator between Japan and other countries, then innovate more effective and fun education and learning through collaboration. When I came to Finland, I strongly realized that I'm a Japanese, and I feel I'm one of the  Japanese representatives in Finland. I speak and read in English, there are tons of academic articles and reports in the world. Communication with English and studying in Finland make me spread the world and faced lots of new innovations and communities all over the world. 

How can education support students to flourish?

I don't think that education can solve all of the problems but I feel it takes a quite essential role.  Education is able to open the various doors of students, shows new world inside and outside of them. It gets the best out of students. I believe that influence is not only for the students, but also surrounding parents, adults and and world. People can face difficulties, build new values and solve problems with creativity and flexivity through education.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation can create new value to improve our future. Innovation plays a role to change standards from the ground up. Nowadays the world has changed very quickly, we have to update the solution and methods to fit the problems and conditions. The standards have been changing day by day, also drastically by innovation.