Jenny Finn
Ambassador, Country lead, Academy

Jenny Finn

Floyd, United States

Jenny is the Founding Visionary at Springhouse and is committed to building regenerative culture by designing vitality-centered education and activating the design globally through Sourced Design Labs

Springhouse envisions a regenerative culture where all people are connected to the vitality within themselves, their community, and the Earth. The Springhouse community designs and activates a vitalit
Education Design Lab
The Education Design Lab is a place where participants can experiment together and support one another, while also building a body of research in vitality-centered educational design through their cas
Sacred Dance
Sacred Dance invites us to come home to ourselves through movement so that we can live with greater compassion and clarity in this world. This practice is not about learning steps or choreography. It
The Well: Depth Education for Educators
We cannot raise healthy young people in our communities if adults are not healthy. The Well offers a comprehensive and sustainable structure to support the inner life of teachers while also strengthen