Mindfulness innovations

The purposeful inclusion of mindfulness and mindful meditation principles, theories, and practices into education.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Positive Education
Geelong Grammar School has pioneered a school-wide approach to student and staff wellbeing known as Positive Education. Based on the science of Positive Psychology, Positive Education aims to enable i
Sinergia emocional
El modelo educativo en el que muchas generaciones hemos sido formados, priorizó el aprendizaje de contenidos . De esta manera fuimos educados para “hacer” y no para “SER”. Por ello resulta imprescindi
My Emotions Matter
Emotional literacy or the ability to identify, understand, label, and express emotions positively is one of the foundational skills of Emotional Intelligence. Unless we can know how we are feeling, we
Silta Focus
For succeeding in a fast-changing, unstable world, the skill to focus is needed more than ever. Silta Focus is a neuroscience and psychology based online training aiming to improve students' concentra
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Learn To Play - Ithute Go Tshameka
Learn to Play harnesses the power of play to provide high-quality and culturally-relevant early childhood education. We train and equip motivated Mamapreneurs to lead playgroups in their communities.
Emotional ABCS
Emotional ABCs is America’s most used evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program and is free to full-time educators at brick and mortar schools worldwide. Designed for ages 4-11, our Commo
Experience Camps for Grieving Children
We are a nonprofit that champions the nation’s 5.6 million U.S. children who will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the time they reach 18. We run a network of no-cost camps and other pro
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2022
Colors of Kindness
Colors of Kindness is an education-in-emergencies adaptation for the Rainbow of Education. Using social and emotional learning materials delivered via podcast, this EdTech solution seeks to address th
Break.The.Ice is a Youth Organization working towards discussing all things taboo and creating an enlightened and aware youth community so that the country’s future leaders and even housemakers never
Kids Collab
Kids Collab and their team of healthcare professionals have developed an online digital platform that provides educators and parents with age-appropriate, knowledge-based activities for children aged
Wisdom: The World of Emotions
Every day, young children struggle with difficult emotions. They fight with their siblings or hear "no" from their parents. That's why we created Wisdom: The World of Emotions, the world's first game-