Digital Citizenship innovations

Digital Citizenship is the ability to responsibly, effectively and safely use technology. These innovations develop digital identity, positive online interactions, understand how content is consumed and more.
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TEC.LA is a computational thinking training program for latinamerican teachers. This innovation renovates the educational system and the knowledge of educators without discriminating on location or in
EDEN School
This inclusive school reunites students with only one criterion : motivation to IT development. This school meets the needs of both companies and young people. Our belief: coding is a key skill. A co
Historias para armar
Historias para armar is an educational project that combines storytelling with digital media to strengthen the skills necessary for children in today's world. It provides free resources for children
Teacher Development Webinars
Teacher Development Webinars is an initiative using the rise in online professional development to connect people from around the world with opportunities which they may not have had due to the old no
School-Self Assessment (SSA)
One of the major benefits of experiencing the SSA is the personalized feedback each school receives followed by constructive and targeted comments and suggestions in the spirit of continuous improveme
Providing an online platform for teachers to share their innovative classroom practices and projects regardless of where they are in the country and the grades they are teaching is the main objective
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Composer is the first digital platform to offer a comprehensive collection of resources for activating a deeper sense of civic responsibility in students.
Collaborative Flipped Classroom
Collaborative flipped classroom approach using Innovative ICT Tools is implemented for inculcating 6 key soft skills among students i.e. Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Curation, Collabo
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Makers Empire 3D Learning Program
Develop primary, elementary and middle school children’s creative confidence and design thinking skills with the world’s most fun and easy to use 3D Design and Technology program. Makers Empire is
The STEM Impact Center Kenya
The STEM Impact Center is a mobile tinkering lab that provides creative space and resources for learners and educators to explore science, technologies, mathematics, engineering, and mathematics STEM)
Skill based learning with joy & Fun
Students want to connect with teacher during the pandemic. They learn with joy have fun a lot by playing and than learning new things with new technology..