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Country Lead, Priyanka Handa Ram on Setting Children up for Success with Early Childhood Education
HundrED Country Lead for Botswana, Priyanka Handa Ram is the Founder & Director of REWA & Learn To Play. She is a social impact entrepreneur who is passionate about creating a community of literacy, p
27.9.2022 Priyanka Handa Ram
Meet the HundrED Team: Alicia Lucendo Noriega, Research Intern
Learn more about our new Research Intern, Alicia Lucendo Noriega.
26.9.2022 Alicia Lucendo Noriega
Country Lead, Alex Dye on Accessible Early Childhood Education & Making a Lasting Impact
Meet Country Lead for Canada, Alex Dye My name is Alex and I am currently based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I love Vancovuer - the mountains, the ocean and the incredible food (eating sushi 5x/wee
12.9.2022 Alex Dye
Kide Science raises €1M bridge round
Kide Science wins the Education Finland Award and raises €1M bridge round before starting a partnership with DreamWorks Animation
Protsahan Foundation India: Fighting childhood abuse and empowering girls from the ground up
Sonal Kapoor, the founder of Protsahan Foundation India, shares the story of how witnessing child abuse in Delhi’s slums sparked an education and child protection movement across the city and beyond.
Country Lead, Jenny Finn on Finding her Calling and Vitality-Centered Learning
Jenny Finn is the Hundred Country Lead for the United States. She lives in Blue Ridge mountains in Floyd, Virginia on a farm right in the heart of Appalachia. She is the co-founder of Springhouse, a s
11.8.2022 Jenny Finn
Country Lead, Enos Magaga on Why We Should Focus on Girls’ Education
Learn more about HundrED Country Lead for Kenya, Enos Magaga is the STEAM learning Coordinator at BEADS for Education. He is a graduate of Moi-University Kenya, Africa with a major in Special Needs Ed
29.6.2022 Enos Magaga
New report Says Formative Assessment is Critical to Improving the Quality of Education Globally
The Jacobs Foundation and Finnish education organisation HundrED have released a new report highlighting 14 formative assessment solutions that support teaching and learning. The report finds that fo
26.6.2022 Mariah O'Mara
Country Lead, Kim Powell on her journey in education and giving students their own sense of ikigai
Country Lead for Australia, Kim Powell is the Learning Leader: Innovation for Lutheran Education in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania. She works with schools to lead innovative practices around
6.6.2022 Kimberley Powell
Street Child and HundrED partner up to improve access to education for out-of-school children
Street Child, a non-profit organisation focusing on out-of-school children, and HundrED, a global mission-driven organisation specialising in K12 education innovation, joined forces and signed a partn
HundrED at the Wold Economic Forum: Education innovations move education systems
The World Economic Forum kicked off in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday. After two years of hiatus, the Forum is once again buzzing with global leaders and their world-changing ideas. HundrED’s co-founde
23.5.2022 Annina Huhtala
New report calls on policymakers to put social & emotional learning in the school curricula
The LEGO Foundation and Finnish education organisation HundrED have released a new report offering policymakers 8 tips on how to incorporate social & emotional learning into the national curriculum an
10.5.2022 Mariah O'Mara