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Active Projectile: Creating HundrED Spotlight in Nigeria in 2020
HundrED has partnered together with Active Projectile to run the first HundrED Spotlight in the African continent. The collaboration will be started in Nigeria in 2020.
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Share Your Innovation On HundrED
Do you have an innovative approach to education that the world should know about? HundrED Open, as the name suggests, is the totally open part of our platform. Anyone is welcome to submit and share th
9 Innovations from South & Southeast Asia Promoting Holistic Education
HundrED and Druk Gyalpo’s Institute released a report on Holistic Education in South & Southeast Asia that identifies innovations that are helping learners develop holistically. The report highlights
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How Can We Enhance Teacher Professional Development Globally? 10 Innovations Supporting Teachers
As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we need to invest in practical ways to continuously improve and support TPD. But with so many programs available how do we know which ones have the impact and sca
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Anunciamos un nuevo proyecto destinado a identificar nuevas formas de evaluación de los estudiantes
HundrED y Jacobs Foundation han anunciado el lanzamiento de un nuevo Spotlight en Evaluación Formativa: Mejorar el aprendizaje de todos los niños y niñas, cuyo objetivo es comprender cómo se puede ut
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What is HundrED?

HundrED is a global education non profit. Our mission is to help improve education through impactful innovations. Everything we do starts with a child in mind and is based on our manifesto. We work with innovators, educators and funders in all continents.