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All Skills Teacher Assessment Environment Leadership
Why We Shouldn't Say Au Revoir To Languages
Learning languages can enhance young people's job prospects and is a vital skill for a thriving economy.
The First Ten Global Innovations: Empower Playgrounds
How one innovation is using light as a means to break the poverty cycle in Ghana.
What We Talk About, When We Talk About Education
What are we educating for?
Opportunity to Partner with a Finnish School!
Get involved in an exciting international project.
The First Global Innovations: Big Picture Learning
Big Picture Learning makes school relevant again for young people.
Another Way To Be #Authentic
What is Authentic Learning?
The First Global Innovations: Musical Futures
Musical Futures makes music lessons relevant.
The First Global Innovations: Fuji Kindergarten
Fuji Kindergarten has been recognised as one of the best school buildings in the world.
Grab Your Backpack, We're Going Unschooling
Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular, we look at the different ways homeschooling works.
Implementing 3D Technology In Schools
We're trialling a project which introduces 3D printing and virtual reality in schools.
The First Global Innovations: Project DEFY
We explore Project DEFY, one of our first ten global innovations.
The First Global Innovations: Global Oneness, Education Cities and Blueprints
First in the series, we explore Global Oneness, Education Cities and Blueprints.
The Final 25 Finnish Projects Have Been Announced!
The final 25 projects are now being trialled in schools across Finland.
Nokia and Supercell Announced as HundrED’s Global Main Partners
As HundrED’s main global partners, Nokia and Supercell will support exploring powerful educational practices from all over the world, and especially help them spread to schools and teachers everywhere.
From Local to Global – HundrED Shines a Spotlight on Educational Innovations
HundrED revealed their first selected global innovations at Bett London today.
Come and hear us at Bett 2017!
HundrED is speaking in the Bett Arena on Wednesday January 25th 2017
From Sport to Wildlife, Solutions for the Cultural Melting Pot
Education has a large part to play in keeping societies together and cohesive.
The World's Largest Parents Evening: Why and How Parents Should Get Involved in Education
In January 2017 the world’s largest parents evening will take place in Finland.
What is PISA really telling us?
We take a look at what the PISA results mean.
The Rise of Well-Being and Mindfulness in Schools
How does mindfulness work and why do we need it in schools?
Opening a Startup High School in Finland
Opening a New Kind of High School: The Story of Startup High School
Reading: a Romantic Reverie or the Key to Unlocking a Child’s Future?
Is reading still relevant for future generations?
Schools as Businesses, Trump's Education Policy
Although President Trump has loose lips for most things, education is not one of them. So what can we expect?
HundrED grows and goes global
HundrED London office opens, new countries to join HundrED, 10 international HundrED events and prominent new shareholders announced
Co-teaching, Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?
Co-teaching could actually be the answer to the problems facing the teaching profession.
An Introduction to the Finnish Way of Educating
The Finnish system is the pinnacle of how to do education.
A Very Global View on Education : What We Learnt
Last week in London, education heads from all over the globe gathered to discuss 21st century skills in a global context; and what that really means.
Empathy is the Future Trend in Education
Age-old skills such as empathy and social skills are being labelled as future trends for schools
Campus 2016 : from Pulled Oats™ to Donald Trump
The latest education innovations shared at Campus 2016
The Evolving Role of the Teacher
In an age when you’re able to teach yourself anything, what is the role of a teacher?
It's Time to Assess Assessment
Who and what is assessment really for?
Nature vs Tech - the Battle for the New Classroom
Why do we still force children to sit in rows facing the whiteboard, when few of us believe this actually stimulates learning?
Are A-Level subjects in the UK representative of the skills students need?
Art History and Creative Writing are just two of the latest A-Levels to be axed from the state curriculum in the UK following the previous education secretary’s proposal to make room for ‘more challenging’ subjects.
HundrED blog series on Huffington Post
Huffington Post to publish a series of blogs voiced by HundrED visionaries
The best things about Finnish schools
Finland’s Member of Parliament Jani Toivola shares his views on the Finnish school system in his guest blog
The Campus Seminar is back!
The Campus Seminar organized in Helsinki this Fall has announced its guest speakers and schedule.
The International Side of HundrED
HundrED is involved in a variety of educational events worldwide.
Getting connected
A week in Helsinki with HundrED and The School Project
100 Finland - what to expect in the Fall of 2016
The trialing of the seventy-five selected experiments begins!
The first day at the Finnish PopUp School in Rio
Expectations are met after a fun day of handicrafts and art
The school on a sailboat
Sail For Good is a prototype for digital learning that will be trialled for the next six years
What it means to be a part of Finland100
HundrED as part of the official celebration for the centenary of Finland's independence in 2017
The Finnish PopUp School in Rio de Janeiro
The need for temporary schools at major sporting events is being met
Hammocks and holograms
Students envision the future of education
Our call for submissions for international innovations is open!
HundrED is looking for groundbreaking innovations and projects that are already changing the way we educate across the world.
Hello Ruby Summer School has begun!
As the camp begins, children get to know each other and build their own cardboard computers .
HundrED tour in Finland
We visited three different cities within three days on the tour.
The first 75 Finnish experiments have been announced on our website and we challenge you to select and tweet your top 10 favorites on Twitter! What do you consider the top 10?
The first seventy-five experiments announced
From robotics to adventure, from thinking skills to the world’s largest parent’s evening
HundrED and the goal to change schools
On April 27 HundrED announced the first seventy-five of the 100 Finnish experiments.
In 2016, we selected 100 bold educational innovations that are now trialed in a selection of Finnish schools. Finland is known for its educational success story, and we are seeking for new innovative practices with which we can develop education for the next 100 years.
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We are creating 100 case studies on ambitious educational projects and innovations from around the world. We will take into account a wide variety of schools and projects from all continents that are changing the way children and young people are educated. We are looking for new ways of learning, teaching, assessing and leading.
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We are interviewing 100 thought leaders and changemakers from all over the world who represent a variety of areas within education - teachers, students, government officials and everyone in between. We want to learn about what the next 100 years of education should look like from the world’s leading thinkers.
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