Nathan Strenge
Ambassador, Country lead

Nathan Strenge

Minneapolis, United States

In additional to serving as USA Country Lead for HundrED, Nathan helps schools design learner-centered environments with Fielding International, as is an editor at

Four-Legged Stool
The four-legged stool is a design tool using four essential elements of school design: time, space, roles, and goals. To build authentic learner-centered schools, each element needs to be thoughtfull
This Is Our Chance - free online family film festival about education
There is a strong desire in the U.S. and around the world to begin sharing a new story about social injustice, learning, school, & what all kids are capable of accomplishing. We see what young people
An Alignment Journey
An aligned learning ecosystem is one where vision, environment, and human capacity work together as interdependent parts to strengthen and sustain one another. Designing successful learning environme
Pathfinders: Pilot Transformation
Institutional & outdated facilities often act as barriers for schools wanting to change their learning paradigm. Pathfinders allow for schools to test new learning environments with minimal resources
School Design Patterns
School Design Patterns is a free tool that allows communities to co-create vision-aligned learning environments. A learning environment can be designed to foster things like creativity, collaboration,