Lesley McMillan

Lesley McMillan

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I am an Interior Designer, based on Edinburgh, Scotland. I work in Local Authority predominantly designing learning spaces in nurseries and schools. I am and Chair the SBID (Society of British and International Design) Education Design Advisory Council.

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Taimiakatemia on ympäristö- ja yrittäjyyskasvatuksen malli, jossa oppiminen tapahtuu kasvihuoneessa ja sen avulla. Innovaatiossa kuvataan vuosikellomalli, jonka avulla kenen tahansa on mahdollista tot
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Tiimioppimisen koulukulttuuri
Tiimioppiminen on syvällinen oppimismuoto, joka muuttaa myös koulun toimintakulttuuria: sekä oppilaalla että opettajalla on oma itsenäinen roolinsa yhteisöllisenä toimijana.
Smart learning environments
Daycare centres and schools help children and youngsters to grow into the multifaceted world around them. Technology enables individual methods of learning and new ways of collaborating. The City of H
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Whole city as a learning environment
The whole City of Helsinki can be regarded as a large learning environment in which learners work actively. Instead of learning taking place only at school and in the classroom during the school day,
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Smart School Alliance
An online and offline community creating equal learning rights for the next generation in small and remote schools around the world. Smart School Alliance, founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs
Art (Hi)Stories
The project examines art history through the prism of social constructivism in order to utlize its potential for holistic education and museum learning in the early and middle years.
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Learning Space Design Lab (c) by Autens
Space matters! But how do we break away from traditional classrooms to create powerful, inspiring learning spaces for all? Learning Space Design Lab™ invites you to re-imagine learning environments ba