Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Lincoln, United Kingdom

A Maverick - Pioneer of Flipped Learning and Cloud Computing 2018 - Member of International United Educationists Fraternity (IUEF) 2017 - Training Educationalists World-Wide on ‘Flipped Learning’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ 2016 - Board Member of ViWeD (Virtual World Education) 2016 - Freelance Consultant with Real World Education Group Ltd. 2016 - Educational Consultant to Ekin Knowledge 2015 - Digital Champion Volunteer 2015 - Contributory Author of ‘Teaching Secondary Science’ (Fourth Edition) 2014 - Consultant to Highgate Private School, Cyprus 2014 - Educational Consultant to Angel Digital 2013 - Member of GAB (Global Advisory Board) for NGGE (Next Generation Global Education) 2013 - Chemistry Expert for The Chemistry Journey Project for The Virtual School Initiative 2012- GTN Teacher Adviser 2012-2013: Freelance educational consultant with EM Direct on their Graduate Teacher Programme 2011- : Teaching AS/A2 Chemistry at SSPP 2010 - : Freelance educational consultant with EM Direct on their SKE programme. 2009 - 2011: An associate with LSN on their 'Starting Out Programme'​ 2007 - Awarded a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' 1997 - Reached the final 13 in the Salter's “Chemistry Teacher of the Year” award 1974 - 2008: Chemistry teacher at Lincoln Christ's Hospital School. 1970 - 1974: Science Master, Lincoln School Specialties: Pioneer of Flipped Learning Repairing the nonsense many call education Providing resources for teachers and students. Maximising students'​ learning. Advising fellow teachers on 'what really works'. Presentations: The Way Forward: Flipped Learning : Articles: 1) The Flipped Classroom – Cyprus Mail - 2) The way forward: Changing how we teach our students - 3) Using the cloud to make learning fun - 4) Teaching chemistry is my career and my hobby - 5) How to Enthuse the Unenthusiastic Pupil - and 6) Flipping the Modern Classroom - Podcasts Guestbook Comments

Student Engagement in the E-Learning Environment
I train teachers and schools worldwide in flipped learning and cloud computing. My methods allow active learning to take place during the valuable time with the students in class. The result is: mo