Jeffrey Patrick, M.Ed

Jeffrey Patrick, M.Ed

Homestead, United States

K-4 STEAM Integration Teacher located in Pittsburgh, PA Google Certified Educator Level 1 Apple Teacher PTAC member PAECT member Carnegie Science Awardee 2019 in Elementary Education

With over 10 years experience in urban education, Jeffrey has shown great innovation in technology instruction. Jeffrey is passionate about social justice, and providing his students with opportunities that all students deserve. His classroom is future ready, and he prepares his students to be proficient in digital literacy. Jeffrey provides 30 hours of computer science lesson to each student and authentic project based learning opportunities as his school's STEAM Integration Teacher. 
Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

My students need to be future ready. It's my responsibility to advocate for them, and provide exposure to innovative practices. The hundrED platform achieves this goal. By connecting to others at hundrED, we have a gateway to recognize best practices across the globe. I can't wait to share the great things that are happening in my classroom , and learning about other amazing educators and their students. 

How can education support students to flourish?

Education is the tool that moves society forward. Everyone's educational philosophy should be that "all kids can learn". Our global economy is being changed more rapidly by technology and access to information. Education is shifting to help today's youth in navigating their digital world through 21st Century skills. When education shifts to the needs of our youth, the entire global economy is a beneficairy. 

What role does innovation play in education change?

Please see our Formative Years in Digital Literacy Innovation page on hundrED. We provide a comprehensive plan to deploy digital literacy. As information and connectivity increases, innovative practices are needed to help young learners navigate their digital worlds. Digital citizenship awareness and seeking global innovation is a way to share the best practices and solutions that are working. Many educators are doing great things. We need to connect recognized educators and schools, and we need to have them interacting more frequently.