Farah Ramadan

Farah Ramadan

Beirut, Lebanon

Farah Ramadan is passionate about youth skills development, arming them with the social and emotional skills needed for their future and inspiring them to make a positive change in the world. She is a true believer that equipping children and teens with the right skills and thinking frameworks is crucial for unlocking their full potential to solve problems worth solving. She recently quit the corporate world and shifted her career towards that path. She immersed herself in learning about innovative education models and teaching practices as well as youth initiatives around the world. Farah recently was a coach at the Colombia Leadership Bootcamp (CLB 2017) as part of the Latin America Leadership Academy targeted at young adults in Latin America. She also was a facilitator at the Co-School’s(Colombia) social and emotional skills learning program (SEL) for young adults. In Lebanon, she piloted an SEL program, Think Equal (UK), in a refugees’ school aimed at younger kids between the ages of 3-5. Farah has also realized that design thinking is at the heart of SEL, and therefore decided to immerse in this methodology and conduct a Master’s degree in Design Thinking and Innovation at H2I Institute in Medellin which just ended in May 2018.