Innovation Summit 2020

November 4th - 6th

Join us November 4-6th to hear from innovators and education leaders from around the world, explore 50+ breakout sessions across 5 tracks! The conference can be viewed on your phone or browser all free and on-demand.

HundrED Global Collection 2021

live event November 4th 2020

HundrED Global Collection innovations for 2021 will be revealed on Nov 4th 2020!

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Innovation Summit Sessions

November 4th 2020

How to Foster Creativity in Education?

In collaboration with the Lego Foundation we have spotlighted 12 inspiring creativity innovations around the world. Register and hear from Mitchel Resnik, Sarah Bouche and our selected innovators why creativity is crucial for the future.

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November 5th 2020

How to provide quality education in challenging environments?

Join Vicky Colbert (Fundacion Escueala Nueva), Fred Swaniker (African Leadership Group) and many HundrED innovators to discuss how we can leverage the knowledge learned from COVID to help reach the most vulnerable students and truly provide quality education for all.

November 5th 2020

Remembering Sir Ken Robinson

During this special event, we will hear from Pasi Sahlberg, world-renowned Finnish academic and co-author of the book ‘Let the Children Play’; and Dido Balla, Director of Educational Innovation and Partnerships at MindUp & the Goldie Hawn Foundation. Each individual will share their personal reflections on how Sir Ken Robinson has inspired them to look at education differently.

November 6th 2020

What are the skills one will need in 2030?

In a fast-changing world, focusing on traditional academic skills will remain important, but that is not enough. To thrive as global citizens, children must be equipped with a breadth of skills. While we are advocates of child-centric approaches and personalized, passion-based learning, the relationship between an inspired teacher and a motivated student will remain essential.

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