Visual Arts innovations

Art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Slam Out Loud
Slam Out Loud (SOL) is a non-profit that uses the artforms of poetry, storytelling, theatre, and visual arts to help children from under-resourced communities find their voice through creative express
Wear-Abouts / Illustrious North
What if illustrations could step out of books, into textiles or other cultural products? What would they say about the intriguing stories that inspired their creation and how would they speak to their
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
We are a nonprofit organization that works with kids around the world who have had challenging experiences, and we teach them how to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that im
Mi marca de ropa consiste en ser más allá de confortable, esta misma contribuye y beneficie al medio ambiente que no lo perjudiquen, también en mis prendas quiero incorporar material reciclable y Cru
Think Tank. An Imaginative Journey where the invisible becomes visible.
The Think Tank proposes, shares and thrives on making the invisible visible. It inspires the inter-action between students’ imagination creating ongoing dialogues between perception and knowledge.
Discovering New Artists (DNA)
DNA is a youth-led social enterprise that provides an innovative space for children to utilize their strengths, discover their identities, find meaning in the community and explore the world connectio
Voice of Art by Nirmal Bhartia School
"Voice of Art" is a visual arts practice-based research challenge. The initiative's founding motivation is to encourage "different ways of seeing"—ways that enable young adults to go beyond the dom
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Saturday Art Class
To cultivate creativity within children, we need to build safe spaces for expression within their classrooms where they have the confidence to grow into their creative potential. At Saturday Art Cl
Words on Wheels Southeast Asian Art Programme "WoW SEA Art Programme"
This programme merges storytelling, art-making and values-based education with the aim of inspiring civic action. Drawing upon Southeast Asian arts and heritage, we apply the three core teaching metho
Caleb STEAM Hub
Caleb STEAM Hub offers the Best Practice in Education for Sustainable Development; it is a platform for the CBIS students to participate in, and contribute to, contemporary global issues at local, nat
La educacion peruana requiere que los estudiantes desarrollen sus competencias y capacidades de manera divertida y creativa; y que los educadores demuestren alto sentido de compromiso e identidad, raz
Children in refugee camps and conflict-affected communities learn to create their own murals, performances and digital art. We train local artists to lead programs that provide tools for learners to s