Student-Led innovations

Student-led learning is where students themselves facilitate their learning, having greater control, ownership, and accountability over their own education.
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Football Beyond Borders (FBB)
Our model combines gender-specific, football-themed social and emotional learning curricula and therapeutic practise with qualified counsellors to develop the key skills defined by CASEL of self aware
Nüdel Kart, a social enterprise by Playground Ideas.
Creativity and social skills are critical for children, yet education systems are decades behind in teaching children this and many other skills they need to thrive in the 21st-century. Nüdel Kart sup
School of Humanity
School of Humanity is an online-first high school with an interdisciplinary curriculum and progressive learning model. The mode equips learners with the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors needed to
Formative pedagogy
With formative pedagogy (FP) we change the way of teaching and beliefs about the role of the teacher and the student. By applying the skills that FP introduces, the student acquires important life ski
Education is everyone's responsibility
Follow up at home and school, Creating a competitive environment for students that encourages innovation, Preserving equality among learners by Renewing the opportunity to compete on a weekly b
My Good School
My Good School Program is open to individuals and schools and offers a unique school experience for each individual; it makes learning a fun process, helps with monitoring personal and social developm
Degrees of Opportunity
Degrees of Opportunity, is a way for young people to expand on their range of opportunities, and the breadth of engagement...not just in one activity provided by one organisation, but through encourag
UST SHS STEM Capstone Program
The UST SHS STEM Capstone (Creativity and Innovation) program provides the opportunity for learners to encounter and explore creativity and innovation in an authentic setting in order to enrich and de
Global Creative Hub
Global Creative Hub is a social development initiative working towards building the next generation of female changemakers in Pakistan. We do this by changing the narrative and supporting girls to bre
Learning spaces in specific color coordinated zones in class rooms
Most children in schools have their own chair and they sit at tables pointing towards their teachers. Our specific, physical and color coordinated learning zones in class rooms creates Flow among the
Cyber-Seniors : Connecting Generations
Cyber-Seniors trains students to become technology mentors for older adults and provides them with the opportunity to receive practical experience while earning service hours. Upon completion students
YES Project (Youth Empowerment through Service)
The YES Project is a global collaboration project made to inspire and mobilize young people to initiate and plan service projects and ideas that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the