Media Literacy innovations

Media Literacy provides a framework to access, analyse, evaluate and create messages in a variety of forms.
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Ribbon HALL OF FAME 2022
Global Oneness Project
The Global Oneness Project brings the world's global cultures alive in the classroom. They provide award-winning films and photo essays which explore cultural, social, and environmental issues and acc
Historias para armar
Historias para armar is an educational project that combines storytelling with digital media to strengthen the skills necessary for children in today's world. It provides free resources for children
Esports for Fact Checking
Bridging is a new knowledge sport whereby students compete in connecting evidence to claims for important news as part of media literacy training and students collaborating in protecting the community is a nonprofit platform that lets anyone sponsor monthly Internet fees and devices for the undeprivileged students living in developing countries. Every cost, student, project is docu
By using illustrations to visualise complex social issues, we are able to powerfully demonstrate Creativity in Action. We address vital topics such as Digital literacy, Over-Consumption, Climate Ac
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
The Economist Educational Foundation
We enable inspiring discussions about the news in schools by providing educational news content, teacher training and resources. We also bring together schools from different communities and countries
The Trix and Trax Talents & Skills Challenge Experience
Dare to be imaginative, original, and innovative by creating short videos in collaboration with your peers. In The Talents & Skills Challenges Experience students will achieve awareness of individual
Going to School Fund
We design and deliver stories to enable young people to take on and solve the biggest problems of our time. Most of our stories feature young women hero entrepreneurs doing new kinds of work, running
Co-publishing platform:Inspiring underprivileged children to change the future with their own hands
Discover the professional knowledge of outstanding middle-aged and elderly workers in social occupations, provide free and formulaic vocational education teaching materials to disadvantaged schoolchil
BloomED Foundation (formerly Global Creative Hub)
BloomED Foundation’s mission is to build the next generation of changemakers through safe spaces and STEM innovations. We believe that every girl has the right to be safe, educated, and healthy so tha
NewsBytes is an activity where students are presented monthly with relevant news from their local and global communities to develop social awareness. Along with this, they are given a space to voice
Young Reporters for the Environment
YRE educates and empowers young people aged 11-25 to research local environmental issues and promote solutions through investigative reporting, photography, and video journalism.