Learning Environments innovations

This collection of innovations highlight creative ways to use the resources available to engage students and create conducive learning environments. Regardless of context, there are practical solutions and ideas to be inspired by below.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Education Cities
In a rapidly changing world that moves from the pyramid paradigm to the network paradigm, the primary mission of Education Cities is to develop the art of collaborations – in the classroom, in school,
Kindiedays apps bring the best Finnish practices adapted to your child care center. Kindiedays has been designed by child care professionals with a strong focus on children: • Empowers educators to
School Completion and Livelihood Enablement (SCALE)
SCALE operates with an approach of training of teachers to deliver Life skill education aligned with NEP, 2020 to adolescents in Grade 6 to 10 by partnering with Government system. The program is base
The ScholarLink Acacdemy
The ScholarLink Academy is a powerful all-in-one e-learning platform that helps learners gain access to quality education digitally from any part of the world. The platform fights unemployment among q
Totto Parents App
Parents are the most important, yet the most underprepared influence in a child’s early years. The 21st century parents are primary caretakers in micro-families. With unlimited information, yet unansw
Maths on the Move
Today’s children may be the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Knowing that active children do better, Aspire want to change that. Combating inactivity requires
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Street Racket - anyone, anytime, anywhere
Street Racket from Switzerland is a unique and very versatile concept that provides education, sports and empowerment for all. We focus on active learning in motion and on making sports possible for e
Peddle ilabs
Peddle ilabs is an innovative solution, a mobile and digital classroom that is fitted either on a bicycle or motor cycle driven by an interractive study platform with mini computers powered by solar e
In post covid world, we provide a comprehensive and unified online platform for distance training. Vedubox integrates and uses the best technologies in the world like Microsoft, Zoom, Google, and Vime
Speed Schools: an innovative 9-month accelerated education model for Out of School Children (OOSC)
There are 128m children out of school in crisis-affected countries. Girls in crises are 2.5 times more likely to be out of school. Through an innovative model called Speed Schools, we reached over 115
Un violon dans mon école
A violin can change the world helps socially disadvantaged children perform better in school by teaching them to play the violin—a challenging instrument—through consistent instruction from ages four
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Saturday Art Class
To cultivate creativity within children, we need to build safe spaces for expression within their classrooms where they have the confidence to grow into their creative potential. At Saturday Art Cl