Language Learning innovations

The process and practice of teaching and learning a second or foreign language.
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Tales Toolkit
Award winning Tales Toolkit provides interactive, child led resources for early years using symbols representing story structure. Resources give children independence to create stories around interest embraces all elements of language learning through the traditional method of storytelling while harnessing the ubiquity of electronics. It allows children to work independently while being su
The ENACT app
With the ENACT interactive player, you can learn a foreign language through the foreign culture by carrying out a cultural activity – our app shows you how. Learn Japanese while you’re making an orig
AIS Online Radio Station
The online radio station at Al Beruni International School at Harbanspura, Lahore was formed to provide students an opportunity to share their learning experiences with a larger audience. It was also
Emotional ABCS
Emotional ABCs is America’s most used evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program and is free to full-time educators at brick and mortar schools worldwide. Designed for ages 4-11, our Commo
Educational boardgames by Level21
I use my passion for boardgames and my experience as a teacher to integrate both into fun, exciting and educational boardgames where children can master their skills and each child is challenged on a
LearnEnjoy fights against school dropout, from the fundamental learning stages of kindergarten and first grade, right up to the 9th grade, thanks to digital tools designed for all students without exc
Maître Lucas a teacher available everywhere in the world for French, Maths and Sciences
Maître Lucas is creating digital content (videos, exercises, video games) in order to offer free lessons in language, maths and sciences for french-speaking students in primary schools everywhere in t
Moi Panda
Moi Panda provides a social and educational APP for both children and parents to make friends worldwide. We believe that if all children would have the chance to use Moi Panda, it would significantly
Virtual Play Date
We connect children who are apart through real games and meaningful activities in the digital space. Virtual Play Date encourages development of social and emotional skills for children and provides a
Step-by-Step VTA
We are and education business which delivers the ability to learn from anywhere and whenever you want from kindergarten to high school with the official curriculum while ensuring that each child learn
Ribbon FINLAND 100
In this innovation older and younger students gather together for study groups that are part of their school work. The older students plan the study group with the help of the teacher and are responsi