Financial Skills innovations

Financial Skills equip students with the knowledge to understand and manage finances and learn how to deal with unexpected situations that can occur in the economy.
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Tink Technology and Humanity Colleges
Tink College, established 2017, is a private K-12 school in Istanbul, Turkey. Tink has a unique curriculum to equip its students with the skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, competencies required
Co-publishing platform Project
Discover the professional knowledge of outstanding middle-aged and elderly workers in social occupations, provide free and formulaic vocational education teaching materials to disadvantaged schoolchil
Haciendo empresa desde la escuela y desde casa
Esta innovación articula a los estudiantes con el mundo del trabajo y con el desarrollo social y económico de nuestro país acorde al perfil de egreso de la educación básica, formando una cultura cola
Financial literacy and life skills mobile toolkit
We make it easy and fun to learn financial education on any platform through bespoke, engaging and fun training. Our solution brings quality content to the devices and platforms that teachers are alre
VentureVillage is a global organisation based in Espoo, Finland founded in 2018. The organisation emanates from the passion of its founders in promoting the best Finnish educational practices in the I
we lift people by teaching them, online and free, how to become an entrepreneur
Using our online Platform, Universidad Posible, Banesco, one of the biggest panamenian banks and us, IUGT International/Universidad Posible, plan to teach 20.000 young latinamericans how to become ent
The Biz Nation
The Biz Nation is a Colombian EdTech company focused on transforming the future of Latin America with productive education. With more than 50,000 active users, The Biz Nation operates in 9 countries.
Propósito Siglo XXI
En Colombia solo el 52% de los estudiantes logra ingresar a la educación superior y la deserción de los que ingresan es del 48%. No es un problema de orientación vocacional, hay competencias, capacida
Finance for Sharing (F4S)
Play is the main breakthrough to deliver a different and engaging financial literacy. All of F4S activities have a cooperative nature and through its practice the program breaks paradigms associated
Most of Brazilian schools don’t have access to capital, which causes financial instability and lead to high delinquency rates. Consequently, educators end up overwhelmed with administrative and financ
Ritinjali’s Second Chance School / Pallavanjali Institute for Actualisation of Individual Potential
The Second Chance School is a transformational programme that nurture young minds in an environment that is unbiased and helps them identify their individual potential. We empower the youth to integra