Digital Citizenship innovations

Digital Citizenship is the ability to responsibly, effectively and safely use technology. These innovations develop digital identity, positive online interactions, understand how content is consumed and more.
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Education Perfect
Education Perfect (EP) is designed to elevate the role of a teacher through real-time data and insights, significantly improving decision making. Students engage with their learning through deep perso
Global Network Badges (GNB)
GNB are inspired in the 6Cs promoted by the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) alliance. The 6Cs are 6 global competencies: character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and cr
PraDigi for School App
PraDigi for School App is a part of Pratham’s digital initiative that has 3 pillars: 1) devices for peer learning 2) social structure of parents, siblings and youth to facilitate learning 3) context
It is an integral proposal of 10 different programmes to improve the acquisition of skills and motivate learning: - Acquisition of 21st century skills for personal and professional development - Ma
VideoWiki "Video Wikipedia for Learners and Creators"
We offer a tool for teachers. They copy-paste the content they want to convert to a video.A collaborative platform for learners and educators to secure learning continuity in times of restrictions and
Responsible and participatory democracy
Design an e-learning programme and the tools to build the capability of citizens to: (i) strengthen their sense of integrity and responsible citizenship; (ii) develop project management skills for th
Phenomenon Based Learning and Project Based Learning
We are a K12 school that don't have classes, the students are not organized based in their years, they have autonomy to explore different learning paths, they learn with their peers while they are exp
Academia de Innovación Política
Es un espacio de formación virtual y presencial, que diseña e implementa innovaciones políticas para desarrollar democracias paritarias, inclusivas y participativas. Compartimos conocimientos de exper
Campamento de Cine con Celular -
Este es un espacio diseñado para que a través de la expresión cinematográfica, haciendo uso de un celular, los jóvenes y niños puedan expresar sus vivencias, sentimientos, emociones, y formulen soluc