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Global Collection 2018

HundrED Global is a collection of 100 inspiring innovations in K12 education that are researched, interviewed and recognized by our research team as innovative, impactful and scalable. The first HundrED Global Collection was announced at the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki in October 2017.
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Una piattaforma didattica che mette insieme contenuti accattivanti e accessibili, con strumenti di valutazione e approfondimento integrati per massimizzare il coinvolgimento nella lettura e l’apprendi
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Una piattaforma per l’apprendimento attraverso il gioco che consente agli insegnanti di creare in pochi minuti divertenti giochi didattici. Gli allievi ci si possono cimentare a scuola o da casa e cre
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HundrED Innovators Are Global Teacher Prize Finalists 2018!

We are thrilled to announce that two of our HundrED 2017 Innovators have been shortlisted for the Global Teacher Prize 2018! The Global Teacher Prize is presented every year to an exceptional teacher who does outstanding work in the field of K12 education.
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About HundrED 2018

HundrED 2018 Global List of Inspiring Innovations
HundrED was born from the notion that in a world becoming increasingly connected and global, schools can still be very local and isolated in their practices. To address this, a team of in-house resear
HundrED’s Innovation Summit Celebrates 100 Ways To Transform Global Education
Unveiling of the debut list of the “100 Global Inspiring Innovations” and showcase taking place on October 4th - October 6th in Helsinki.
What We Talk About, When We Talk About Education
Discussions about the future of education always come back to the key question, what are we educating for? You may think you know the answer, but so does everybody else...
Creative Thinking
Nokia and Supercell Announced as HundrED’s Global Main Partners
As HundrED’s main global partners, Nokia and Supercell will support exploring powerful educational practices from all over the world, and help them spread to schools and teachers everywhere.
We're On The Hunt For Global Innovations In Education, Here's The First Nine!
In the keynote session at Bett Arena, Saku Tuominen and Kate Robinson addressed the major need for educational innovations. Often new initiatives that help schools change and improve are kept very loc