Vishal Sharma
Ambassador, Advisory

Vishal Sharma

Ahmedabad, India

Founder, SMILES in Life Foundation- a not for profit global Initiative for integrating holistic wellbeing in everyday life. Also a certified Yoga and Mindfulness trainer and positive psychology practitioner.

Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
SMILES in Education
SMILES integrates mindfulness & positive psychology based short and easy techniques in lesson plan for inculcating life-skills like resilience, empathy, discernment & will-power. These tools also impr
SMILES in Life
"SMILES in Life" program empowers us with short & easy well-being techniques to relax our body, get peace of mind and happiness of heart. SMILES synchronizes our thoughts, feelings and actions using s
Mindful Reading Comprehension Techniques
Reading comprehension can be challenging for kids with learning and attention issues. Kids need to master many key skills to fully understand any text. Applying Mindfulness Techniques right at the ti
Think, Pair and Share with Mindfulness (TPSM)
Students use quick mindfulness & yoga techniques integrated with "Think, Pair and Share" learning strategy to work together to solve a problem or answer a question. This strategy empowers them to thin