Vincent Dadzie
Ambassador, Advisory

Vincent Dadzie

Takoradi, Ghana

A value driven young leader for sustainable impact; filled with moral force of character and instinct to lead with the spirit of truth, devotion to duty and fellowship, sympathy for and protection of the weak. Fellow of Teach for Ghana, Co-Founder and CEO of Motivation2Learn, and a Granny at the School in the Cloud.

We equip students to set and meet their goals, take ownership of their learning experience, seize opportunities and be masters in emotion, relationships and time management, besides attaining knowledg
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Self Organized Learning Environments
In Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs), small groups of children are given a big question as a provocation and left to use the internet to work together to answer it.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Voice 21
Voice 21 is a charity that exists to enable teachers and schools to provide a high quality oracy education. They deliver teacher development and school improvement programmes and as campaign for oracy
Teacher Empowerment for School Transformation (TEST)
The Teacher Empowerment for School Transformation (TEST) programme is a three-year leadership development programme aimed at building the capacity of district education offices to empower schools in c