Simone Zuppiroli

Simone Zuppiroli

Bologna, Italy

Mathematic teacher & Researcher in Innovation in Education.

Hello! My name is Simone Zuppiroli. I studied as an engineer, but soon I understood that my mission in this life is related with education. I've been teaching mathematics for years at high school in Bologna and in other scholastic project, and since 2020 I am working with Colegio Fontàn, a school in Medellin (Colombia) as and education researcher and creator of learning material for their pedagogical system called "Sistema Fontàn".

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I see HundrEd as a fantastic airport, from where it is possible to take off and travel the world of education, discovering the greatest innovations reality and resarches that nowadays are working for a better future.

How can education support students to flourish?

The need for innovation in Education has never been so much important as today. The velocity, complexity and fast-changing world where we live, demands for new way of  understanding, learning and transforming reality.

Without a deep change in the educational process, we can't face all the challenges that the 21st century is offering us. We need to work hard for giving to new generations the capacity to build up their "life architectures", making them able to think, choose, doubt, feel and fail.

To allow this it is important to build a real-effective education path, in which every individual can be accompanied, guided and inspired through an intimate and authentic learning, that makes him/her aware and critic about its environment and its own talents and passions.

What role does innovation play in education change?

The actual "traditional" education system is obsolete and incapable to face 21st century challenges. Programs, time, learning objectives and educational paths are standardized, and this implies a passive and "filling" way to learn. Nowadays students are treated as if they were inserted in a "learning assembling line", where inputs, outputs and processes are mainly massified and usually generalized.

No, this can't work. This is why innovation in education is tremendously important: new paths, new models have to spread and ask for a new future! All the education realities that aim to give to their students "wings and roots" to face their life should gather, and start a real movement for innovation in education.

"If it comes early it is called education, if it comes late it is called therapy" somebody said. We can't wait longer, it's time to have a deep impact on the educational systems!