Sibel Ataman Yalı
Ambassador, Country lead, Academy

Sibel Ataman Yalı

Istanbul, Turkey

Academically interested in interdisciplinary learning, critical-historical thinking, history teaching and methodology..

SharED Melodies
Shared Melodies began in public preschool in the suburbs of Istanbul, Turkey. By this work we noticed that children love singing and easily learn with songs. As teachers, we sense that 80% of a person
Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of seas and coasts as a national priority and to create a country that has reached sustainable development goals for future generations. Taking its str
The Blue Breath
Blue Breath project is a comprehensive three-year project which aims to attract people's attention to the sea snot phenomenon (mucilage) the Marmara sea was facing with. This project includes both onl
Students are Coding Water. H2O Goes to School!
The project includes the activities that encourage students’ sense of creativity, inquiry and exploration. The project was implemented in 28 schools of Sarıyer district in Istanbul and approximately
Teachers Network
Teachers Network aims at teacher empowerment through creating a sustainable learning environment in which teachers can collaborate with their colleagues and stakeholders of education from various disc
Teacher Communities
Teacher Communities program allows rural school teachers to regularly come together with each other as well as various educational experts and supports their personal and professional development, inc
The Fairytale Castle shows that another world is possible with fairy tales. Creative thinking, imagination, problem-solving skills, equality and the pursuit of justice come out of fairy tales and touc
Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV)
Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) focuses on sustainable teacher development to support children’s right to quality education.
Sebit VCloud
SEBİT’s Global Education Cloud (VCloud) solution is the gateway to successfully providing 1-to-1 Education in the cloud for all stakeholders in education: students, teachers, schools, administrators,
Pera Museum Learning Programs
Pera Museum’s Learning Programs aim to introduce people of all ages to art, to make it accessible and to create awareness for Museum-going. Based on interpretation and creativity, through the program
aMUSEd Learning - Creative Learning in Museums
aMUSEd Learning is a sustainable museum-based learning project of MÜZ e.d.e. (Education Drama Event) Initiative. The project targets to raise awareness about the cultural heritage and museum practices
From Dots to the Dimension
With the project, we aimed to make children learn the concepts of dot, line, surface, and dimension and the relationship between them to improve 3D thinking and design skills. We studied observation a
Timbre of the Place
The Timbre of the Place engages youth in an understanding and design of space by using multiple senses and orchestrates their musical interpretation. This makes participants active observants of thei
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
In the US alone, the CDC identifies one in 54 children as diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Otsimo is democratizing access to special education & speech therapy through its leading game
Tink Technology and Humanity Colleges
Tink College, established 2017, is a private K-12 school in Istanbul, Turkey. Tink has a unique curriculum to equip its students with the skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, competencies required
STEM Education for Sustainable Development Goals
Education for Sustainable Development; aims to develop knowledge, awareness and action. For this reason, students understand what the knowledge they have gained in the classroom through STEM education
TeacherX is an online teacher training platform that adopts the principle of sustainable professional development and offers teachers from expert trainers the opportunity to receive training wherever
SEN DE YAZ / W(e)rite!
Sen de Yaz is a web tool developed with a pedagogical perspective to help children improve their communication, collaboration, creativity, empathy, digital literacy and language skills. The web too
School Climate Model
School Climate Model is a school development model where all school stakeholders are included through a sustainable approach, strong and weak sides of the school are exposed, and implemented by the sc
Another School Is Possible -Başka Bir Okul Mümkün
BBOM is building a movement of parents, educators and children who are striving for a child-centered, democratic, non-profit primary education where children are allowed to be children. Through BBOM’
With Toyi, a water bottle can be transformed into a six armed robot, old boxes can become train compartments or a pine cone can come to life as a cute monster. Offering a brand new playing experience
First Step Towards Village Schools
First Step Towards Village Schools Program is designed for young people at education faculties and aims to increase their job readiness for teaching in rural schools, enhancing their social capital, i
A Virtual Robotics Education and Competition Platform
Riders is a platform which enables virtual robotics education and global competitions and allows collaboration with the community. We leverage accessible robotics development by eliminating expensive
Women Science Teachers
Working on the gender equality on education is the main goal of WOMEN SCIENCE TEACHERS (WST)social platform .For this aim, WST has been working for more than 6 years all over the world . All efforts
In post covid world, we provide a comprehensive and unified online platform for distance training. Vedubox integrates and uses the best technologies in the world like Microsoft, Zoom, Google, and Vime
nature et langues
I propose minimum three days trip in the nature for classroom in french second language. The activities ( games, escalad, theatre, art ) are based on self respect, respect the others and nature. They
Skill Change
Emerged after the process of mutual exchange of ideas with children. The practice, which returned to the workshops and unrequited gift circles over time, supports the skills of initiating and maintain
More Coding More Girls
With my initiative called More Coding More Girls, I aim to provide better career opportunities for girls by teaching them coding. The most popular topic in Turkey in 2020 alongside the pandemic is gen