Sheeba Ajmal
Ambassador, Academy

Sheeba Ajmal

Peshawar, Pakistan

School Head AIS Lahore PK ,Founder Technology For A Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids, Author, Teacher, Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, ISTE Certified Educator

My name is Sheeba Ajmal and I love working with Education Technology. My blog reflects my sheer passion to work with Education Technology. I have served for good 12 years at a very prestigious institute of our country Beaconhouse School System in various capacities that include being a Teacher, Teacher Trainer and  Regional Assistant Manager for Education Technology. I am a certified trainer to teach with digital technology.

After I had resigned from my job 2 years back I voluntarily initiated a technology based project titled Technology For A Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids to bridge the gap that exists between education imparted to kids in elite schools and government schools. The purpose was to enhance the various skills of kids studying in street schools and orphanages using both technology and traditional tools. The skills include numeracy, literacy , IT etc

The project is currently active in 2 schools namely SOS Children's Village (an orphanage) and Ran'aa Child Welfare Foundation  ( a school for street children) in Peshawar. Kids at both schools have participated in Global Education Projects, have been given exposure all tools used in elite schools. They have participated in online global math competition. Kids at Ranaa can now code in Scratch, make short videos/documentaries in Photostory 3 , access and practice Math and Grammer exercises in Khan Academy, create quizzes in Kahoot , access own accounts in the Google Classroom etc. Kids run an online show every Monday The Techy Kids Show to share their expertise in technology. Details in the website.

I have been working as the School Head at Al Beruni International School for more than 7 months. This has been a great learning journey so far.

I am also a Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, along with the only ISTE Certified Educator in Pakistan. I am using my training experience to train teachers to create meaningful learning experiences using education technology.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Since I am working with kids at SOS Children's Village and Ranaa Child Welfare Foundation for almost 2 years now, I think its important to give them exposure of the projects that globally kids are working on, it will not only extend their knowledge base and understanding about global concerns, take part in innovative education projects, share own innovations, and get equipped with skills to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Second I can initiate and share these projects with teachers and students at my school Beaconhouse , they have a lot of potential and am sure they would love to join and be part of a global community. Its an opportunity to share own innovations with the global community too.

How can education support students to flourish?

Education can open doors for students, equip them with skills, empower them to become change makers and decision makers. Its about building future leaders.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Innovation drives the change in education. Its important so that there is no stagnancy. It opens doors for experimentation, trial and error.  It encourages change makers, dreamers, the crazy lot to try out new ideas and share their success stories in the form of projects with the world.

Three HundrED innovations you love. (and Why?)

I love the following hundrED innovations and would love to try out these in our schools in Pakistan.

1. Education Cities - I think such projects can change the future of Education In Pakistan, enable people at the local level with tons of potential and ideas to initiate their own projects and take them up to national/international levels, decreasing financial, municipal levels queries.

2. Student Agents - aims to empower enthusiastic learners to share their ICT  expertise in their school community. Its very practical and applicable. Students love working with technology, with limited resources too, this model can work wonders.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

1. Ranaa School Podcast - Ranaa School Podcast is another initiative to help build various skills of the children studying at the Ranaa Child Welfare Foundation. These include speaking, reading, presenting, recording etc. Kids share their learning stories in the form of short interviews with their peers. You can listen to the podcasts by clicking on the link given below:

2. Online Classroom Initiative -  OSI - Online Classroom Initiative is an attempt to bring kids in underprivileged schools under one platform, provide meaningful learning experiences, provide opportunity for personalized learning experiences, connect students to learning resources through the classroom, provide 24/7 access, anywhere anytime etc

3. Online PD Initiative - is all about professional development of teachers, school heads, school leaders etc professional development just a click away. Easily accessible online courses that can be accessed on any device, available 24/7, self paced etc details in link below: