Mradula Singh
Ambassador, Academy

Mradula Singh

Edtech Leader | Startup Mentor | Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | Women Empowerment Enthusiast

Mradula Singh – Founder & CEO NexSchools

She has embraced technology for elearning & education with a mission to “Make Information Accessible Through Technology”, when Internet was little known & dot com bubble was dooming in early 2000. Having proffered through doom and boom of technology gathering rich experience, she has established herself as edtech leader, entrepreneur & start-up mentor.

In these two decades she has worked relentlessly in the Internet education for using it meaningfully and creatively; along with spearheading the first of its kind ground breaking education information disseminating online portals in India, such as the first education information portal –, first examresult portal, first edu news portal and many more.

Her work for collaboration between building blocks of school eco-systems, Cyber Safety Awareness Campaign among schools, responding to the rising challenges of technology affecting children to magnifying scale is commendable. 

She is addressing it as founder of (an edu media platform for K12) at the time when no school or board in India has developed curriculum for Cyber Safety and wellness. She has touched 20,000 children in 5 countries empowering, educating and equipping them for cyber safety and creative digital tools with visitor’s stats reaching 1.5 Million. NexSchools is focused on educating & empowering children.

NexSchools is focusing on Cyber Safety, alternative creative tools to build positive digital footprint and wellbeing among children, the program also puts the spotlight on meaningful digital literacy for teachers so they become role models for the students and community.  

Her passion for education is unshakable. 

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

Campaign for shaping the young minds for Digital Citizenship, Online Safety & Civility by - Cyber Safety Awareness among schools Dynamic approaches to integrate Digital Media Informationand Literacy skills for engaging and positive uses for educators and schools. Programs through NexSchools reaches 20,000 Children, 200 Teachers and 700+ Bloggers community.