Mio Horio
Ambassador, Advisory

Mio Horio


English Teacher / Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert / Skype Master Teacher / Varkey Teacher Ambassador

I've been teaching English at a rural community in northern Shiga Prefecture in Japan.

Having born in a rural area and working at a public high school as an English teacher, I embrace technology in my English classes to improve my students' English proficiency and to raise students with global minds. Though using techs in class has not been popular in this nation yet, I have been striving to let educators know the potential of integrating techs, such as apps on smartphones, in teaching. 

Since Japan is an island country and my students live in a rural community, they have fewer opportunities to communicate with people from different background - sometimes they have no choice but to rely on information by medias to learn about outside nation, which often causes creating stereotypes and biased images. My goal is to spread the potential and necessity of using techs in teaching to the educators across the country, so that our children can make a better society and spend the better life in the future.

- Global Teacher Prize 2018 Top50 Finalist

- The President Award Winner at the national Global Education Contest by JICA

- Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2016-19 / Skype Master Teacher & Mentor 2016-19

-Participant in Education Exchange by Microsoft Education in Toronto 2017 

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