Kate  Graham

Kate Graham

Napa, United States

Kate Graham is a student living in Northern California. Kate attends New Technology High School; a high school that is reforming education with a unique project based learning system. She loves to write music, horseback ride, and learn!

Hi! My name is Kate Graham and I attend New Technology High School in Napa, California. New Tech has a very unique learning environment. All of my classes I take this year are integrated into one project. We use this project to fix a problem. Our last project was based around ocean pollution. This current project is based around social justice. We get to decide how we learn and what we learn. I love the freedom and independence, coexisting with the collaboration that comes with carrying out this image with a team. 

I think learning should be fun for everyone! You should be able to do things you love every day and take everything you learn into the real world. I hope as a youth ambassador I will be able to help reform the education system globally into something enjoyable for all! As Outreach 360 (A learning program in the Dominican Republic teaching kids English for a life of choice) says; Poco a poco. Little by little. We can make very big changes little by little over time! No change goes unnoticed; youth have the power to transform the world. 

**My Instagram is kategraham with 3 underscores (kategraham___)