John Gould

John Gould

Philadelphia, United States

Facilitate EdD students at Drexel University in using both regenerative thinking and design principles to reimagine schools for the future and nurture their leadership skills to allow it to happen.

I have 59 years of experience in both the k-12 and higher education environments. In the k-12 realm I been a teacher and administrator including bing a superintendent in several school district. I been at Drexel for the past 13 years and was a co-designer of our EdD program in Educational leadership and change. Presently my focus, based on my many years in K-12, is to nurture the development of the next generation of educational leaders to transform the outdate structure of both k-12 and higher educational systems.

My passion for this focus is based in my difficult time in my own educational experience throughout the K-12 system and into the beginning of my university experiences. I understand why many students are not being served by the present system because of my own inability to navigate its structure.

The one class I'm most proud of in our EdD is the Creativity and Leadership course. It is the final core course where the students spend 10 weeks in a design studio to reimagine  school learning communities base on their work in the two pervious courses in systems thinking, regenerative life/thinking, and Theory U.

Here is the course description:

This course will engage learners in studying and applying creativity and regenerative thinking to the design thinking process. Learning activities will explore how creativity develops as a leadership function and how motivation drives this development. The essential question: how do we reimagine new learning environments that allow for the development of potential of students based on the concepts found in regenerative thinking? Through collaborative teams, the learner will participate in the process of design thinking, utilizing the seven first principles of a regeneration and Theory U, allowing for the demonstration of their creative abilities for transforming both leadership and schools in the 21st century. The course builds on the following knowledge bases: systems thinking, Theory U, place-made design, divergent and convergent thinking processes, and regenerative innovation. These make up the underlying conceptual framework to reimagine schools (learning communities) that lead to the discovery of the potential and development of all its members.

So, I hope this give a sense of my essence as an educator and what drives my potential in nurturing my students.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Simply put, this would be a great network organization to help me in developing my understanding of the change process as it is being actualize across this planet.

How can education support students to flourish?

Educational systems need to nurture the essence of every child and be structured in ways that allow for the potentiality to develop so that learning will be actualized throughout their entire lives.

What role does innovation play in education change?

It is the key to developing the process of change because it allows educator to become "free" to explore meaningful learning environments that are "nested" within the uniqueness of the community in which they reside. As all educators are allowed to innovate and share that innovated process with their students this will allow for the potential of a community to be a place for its essence to thrive.

Three innovations you would love for HundrED to know about. (and Why?)

Maybe a space for my students to share their work over the past ten years and give them a platform to network with other innovators from around the planet. It will give them the opportunity to see that their work is not just an academic exercise.