Giovanni Fonseca Fonseca

Giovanni Fonseca Fonseca


International Consultant and Facilitator in Education for Sustainable Development. Author and founder of #OrganicLearning and Co-coordinator of the Go! Global program of the ESD Expert Net.

I have facilitated learning processes for about 20 years. From those, I have 12 years of professional experience in the field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), 7 years on a national level in Mexico, and since 2011, at the international level. I am an active member of the ESD Expert Net, there I volunteer by co-coordinating the program Go! Global

I have led formal, non-formal and informal education programs, at public and private educational institutions as well as at NGOs. Also, has collaborated with NGOs developing international projects amongst Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, India Italy, Mexico, South Africa and Spain.

I foster the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to improve intercultural learning experiences by distance and based on my experience, I developed a new way of learning called #OrganicLearning which is more natural, flexible and intuitive, and it also develops and improves organically itself.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

Since 2011 I have had the opportunity of volunteering in an international network of educators and collaborating in some other international projects, due to that experience  I have realized that working interculturally is one of the best ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is clear for me that one of the most important goals from those is the number 4: Quality Education because is a catalysator for achieving the other ones. Initiatives like HundrED are needed to improve the education system over the world, and showing the best practices that many colleagues are already implementing is a great way to engage more teachers to de the same. By contributing my two cents to this great movement I hope we can foster more and more students to flourish as the sensible, creative, emphatic, global citizens we need to face the challenges of the XXI century.

How can education support students to flourish?

First of all, we have to hear what the students have to say, and this video from Jordy Angel Coldwell is a great initiative. All teachers must see that video and ask themselves if they are hearing what their learners are expecting from the educational system and from the people who are in charge to facilitate their own learning processes. Based on my experience the role of a teacher in this century has to change completely and become to be a facilitator who guides learners to discover themselves. Learners should be motivated to learn whatever they are interested in and at their own rhythm. Not just following the traditional linear curricula created by teachers educated under an obsolete education system which has not evolved during the last decades, at the pace our world needs.

What role does innovation play in education change?

Everything changes and nothing stands still.


Learners change from one generation to another because life change and therefore individuals change based on their circumstances. In consequence,  education has to evolve with life and there is where innovation in education plays a very important role. Teacher's creativity take the form of innovation when they experiment with new activities, different approaches when they ask their learners if they are happy by learning on the way they are fostering to do it. Innovation is in that sense the Perpetuum Mobile in Education.

Learning is that permanent process in every single human, we learn all the time... well, innovation is that learning process in education, we can not stop it!