Enrico Poli

Enrico Poli

Bologna, Italy

I care about how people teach and learn, how they tackle complex or difficult information, how they get to solve problems together. I study the ways new technologies can help and not hinder them. Education offers a critical testing ground.

As a director of Zanichelli Venture, I’m looking for nascent companies who are tilling daring ideas about education and technology and searching for pre-seed or seed funding to grow these ideas into products empowering anyone – from children and parents to adult, professional lifelong learners and their mentors and coaches – to learn and teach better.

Previously, along with a most awesome team of three, I sustained senior management at Zanichelli Editore in working out our digital strategy and I led the creation of a modern software house in the middle of our 150 years old textbook publishing business, as a sort of in-house startup.