Edoardo Montenegro

Edoardo Montenegro

Torino, Italy

EdTech entrepreneur, Italy. Betwyll - Beyond the borders of reading.

I have always been focused on humanities, an approach I extensively try to promote in my job as EdTech entrepreneur and cultural activist. After attending several experiences in the banking industry (internal communications and content management), I had been teaching argumentative writing for several years, then decided to move to blogging and co-founded, an online book club based on Twitter. In 2016 TwLetteratura has launched Betwyll, a social reading webapp - and an EdTech startup - which enables learners to read more, better and with lots of fun.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

As I am engaged with my team mates to build my own company, I feel the need to help building the EdTech ecosystem in Italy and throughout Europe. There are indeed many key issues that we have to address together: how do we represent the EdTech sector amongst political and economical institutions within each of our countries? How can we help schools and universities to innovate their internal processes and their educational offer? How can we support brilliant innovators willing to improve the opportunities to learn for any child in the world? All of these issues need a general commitment by EdTech operators willing to join forces to build a better world together.

How can education support students to flourish?

Education is key for any life-changing process. We might actually say that there is no freedom without free and effective education. This element is decisive for liberal democracy and for the future of mankind itself. While we go further into digitalisation and new technological paradigms spread out (AI, robotics, smart working and so forth), our competencies tend to get older more quickly as well as we need more opportunities to co-operate through a life-long learning path. Education is hence the most important asset we have to keep people at the pace of innovation and to maintain and develop freedom of thought, freedom of speech and prosperity throughout the world.

What role does innovation play in education change?

We are witnessing a dramatic change in education. On the one hand, software developers and tech companies are providing new tools helping teachers and students to learn and teach more and better than before. On the other hand, teachers worldwide are willing to transform their job and their role as life-long learning actors, even though they are more interested on the effects of technology rather than on how technology works. This is why need facilitators and interpreters able to build bridges between tech people and teachers. If we - as EdTech entrepreneurs and EdTech ambassadors - are able to build these bridges, education will dominate the changes that innovation entails while bringing us into a better world.