Ance-Anete Fimbauere

Ance-Anete Fimbauere

I’m student from Latvian Academy of Sport Education and my qualifications is Sports teacher and Recreation specialist.

My name is Ance- Anete, I'm Sports education student from Latvia.  I actively participate in various projects (Erasmus+, Youth Exchange, mobility program ) Sports, kids and studying is my life and my life motto is Learning from past, use your knowledge, enjoy and live now in this moment, and look in a future with a bright look.

Why do you want to be a part of the HundrED Community?

I want to find people who are thinking in the same way as me. :)

About my school experience: When I was learning in school, I honestly didn’t enjoy it, system didn't work, still old and boring. And It took 12 years of my life to understand it. 

Now it's time to change it!  

I want that pupils have healthy, fun and useful day in the school. I want to share with great ides in Academy, I want to inspire other and I think to become a HundrED Ambassador would be nice way to do that.