Carole Petel

Carole Petel

After many years advising, coaching and training entrepreneurs, I had the opportunity to work with young people with the aim of encouraging them to discover and appreciate Entrepreneurship.

As an independent consultant, I participated actively in the creation of different tools to encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills in schools. The objectives of these programmes are to instil a spirit of entrepreneurship from early on in life – initiative, confidence, creativity, organisation, and tenacity – to help young people in the transition from school to adulthood.

My main objective is to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs of their future. I believe that the benefits of entrepreneurship education are not limited to create start-ups. Entrepreneurship is a skill that is also useful in both personal and social aspects of everyday life. Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs require entrepreneurial skills. Providing children and teenagers with entrepreneurial tools at a young age can help them realize their dreams even if they later decide not to go into business.