Filipa Cristina

Filipa Cristina

Founder of "Coração de Criança" (kid@heart)

I’ve always been a curious girl, wanted to understand more about what wasn’t known. I ended up studying Biology and then doing research for nearly 4 years (in and out of Portugal). Doing research was very interesting and helped to develop a lot of competencies I have today: creativity, resilience, focus and scientific thought. However, I wanted to try something different, have different learnings. So, for the next 16 years I´ve worked in two big companies from the health industry. I had the opportunity to work in different roles, working close to colleagues at global sites and with local field teams. This has expanded my ability to empathize, communicate and mentor. The last 11 years I’ve been doing marketing with a scientific touch. I love marketing, and when marketing is well used, it can do wonders! 

 2019 was a year of change! I created my own business, based on educational marketing with a touch of science. Everyone of us still is a kid@heart, and so I created an educational initiative called “Coração de Criança” (kid@ heart). Schools are a big part of our children’s life. They spend there many hours, and in many cases is not a place that they like to stay in.  

A change needs to happen; but first we need to understand the needs of the kids and adults that are everyday at school. Making possible to schools to create a real strategy, implementing new educational services that can promote that change. A change that will focus in their cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being!  

Let's go! :) 

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