HundrED Innovators

HundrED Innovators are trailblazers transforming the world of K12 education through their impactful and scalable work. These include innovators recognised by HundrED Research in the Global and Spotlight Collections. 

Benefits of being a HundrED Innovator


Selection through our research process provides our innovators global recognition as a leading innovation in K12 education. Innovators are also invited to an exclusive HundrED Innovation Summit in Finland every year!

Visibility & Presence

Our Media team works together with our innovators to increase their reach through articles, social media campaigns, speaking opportunities, video interviews, etc.

HundrED Connect

With the help of the HundrED Connect service, our Community & Impact team coordinates between our innovators, implementers, and funders to help more than 50% of our innovations to grow by at least 10% annually.

Innovator Testimonials