Self-esteem innovations

Instilling an overall sense of self-worth or personal value in young people, cultivating their confidence and belief that they are accepted and capable.
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MindPrint Learning
With 1 hour of a student's time we enable teachers to effectively meet the academic and social emotional needs of every learner. Our proprietary, normed cognitive screener measures complex reasoning,
The Modern Classrooms Project
The Modern Classrooms Project empowers educators to build classrooms that respond to every student’s needs. We lead a movement of educators in implementing a self-paced, mastery-based instructional m
Qridi introduces pupils and teachers to look at learning and progress as a group and as individuals. Learning is planned and monitored under the teacher’s guidance, future skills are strengthened and
Social Emotional Learning Courses
We focus on preparing students in CASEL's 5 core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. We focus on developing self-le
Stallion Ambassadors
The aim of Stallion Ambassadors Program is to support new or unconnected students and fostering relationships and connections with other student body and staff. Ambassadors follow school behaviour and
The QF Gifted Hub
The QF Gifted Hub offers the opportunity for gifted students to learn with their intellectual peers in subjects often reserved for older students.
WISE: Emotional Fitness
You know how 93% of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools? Well WISE: Emotional Fitness helps school communities that want to train students, parents, and teachers by reducing barriers to le
My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself & Understanding My World (Principle-based Stories-Blended Learning)
"My Guide Inside" supplementary Video On Demand is designed with Kids, Educators & Parents in mind! The principles discussed operate in all people. Globally applicable objectives include: 1. Enhance s
Future Memory
Planning ahead happens in the part of the brain that stores memories, and we build on past experiences when dreaming about the future. In the case of disadvantaged people this memory bank is often ble
Emotional ABCS
Emotional ABCs is America’s most used evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program and is free to full-time educators worldwide. Designed for ages 4-11, our Common Sense Education “Top Pick
Self Awareness
We use this strategy to connect parent's and children and also teacher in a strong bond. They started this journey slowly but we are positive they will reach their goal very soon. This is a journey wh
D.N ki Waaz ( You tube channel)
WHAT: DN Ki Awaaz is a virtual initiative to connect with parents and provide them with information. It involves all stakeholders, who share vital information required by the parents. It is a YouTube