Student Mentoring innovations

Mentoring in education describes a relationship between mentor and mentee, supporting learning, experimentation and helping young people develop their potential.
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Jakes Gerwel Fellowship supports aspirational & inspiring future leaders in SA's education system
We are a full university scholarship, providing extensive mentoring & leadership development for top learners with a passion for teaching & education. We nurture expert teachers who embrace innovation
A high school graduate in Liberia may never go to college and is not prepared for the real world. Only 9% of graduates enrol; the majority enter the workforce directly. Secondary education is vital, b
Nakuru Home Schooling
Families and parents wanted an improvised way to have their children educated in a safe and trusted learning learning environment. This is where Nakuruschooling was born. It is a program that gets ch
WorkWonder by Bayha Group
Companies worldwide struggle to hire and diversify as global talent shortages hit a 15-year high. WorkWonder applies decades of educational research and industry partnerships to create a pipeline for
Young Environmental Scientist (YES)
This is a youth program based on hands on activities founded by Olais K. Raphael by which the program contributing to develop youth mental and physical growth while supporting them become creative and
Veda digitizes an educational institution so it can operate digitally and also provides data for better decision-making. There is less mundane work, access to data visualization, and more time to thin
Enlightism is a youth personal development platform which focuses to provide aid to students through study resources of Olevels, Alevels and Intermediate Board, free of cost! Not only this, we are als
Teaching and Learning Beyond the Cognitive Learning Limits using NLP techniques
Firstly, students, no matter the age, should be set in a C.O.A.C.H. condition through the Technique of NLP. This way mind and body are fully aligned! Secondly, Educators nd students are connected us
Providing students a head starts in understanding the subject in question from the basis in relation to production 2. Evaluating student by performing experiment and learn to observe, record and make
Yaaka Digital Network (
A learning and training platform offering online and offline learning materials input and access. Teachers and schools need to be enabled to use the good technology tools available to create and faci
Noon Open Borders Learning Enablement (NOBLE) Program
Improving learning outcomes for less-privileged students by giving them free access to quality education from top teachers in the country and one-to-one mentorship support through Noon's e-learning pl
Lern-Fair is a non-profit organization that is providing digital, free, uncomplicated and qualified educational services to school students across Germany to supplement their school lessons. The focus