Critical Thinking innovations

The process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.
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Mahara is open source software that enables students and professionals to create media-rich portfolios of their learning progress, achievements, and reflections.
Pakistan Learning Festival (PLF) pivoting social emotional learning
PLF is ITA’s flagship program (2011), provocation was low learning levels uncovered by ASER Pakistan. A multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual & multicultural inclusive, is anchored in 5Cs and SEL; an equa
A high school graduate in Liberia may never go to college and is not prepared for the real world. Only 9% of graduates enrol; the majority enter the workforce directly. Secondary education is vital, b
Global Youth Forum
The Global Youth Forum brought together over 800 students from 90 schools and across 9 countries. Students joined together online from Australia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China, Japan, Philippines,
The Fairytale Castle shows that another world is possible with fairy tales. Creative thinking, imagination, problem-solving skills, equality and the pursuit of justice come out of fairy tales and touc
Alea Learning
Since the pandemic, kids are spending hours every day on metaverse platforms like Roblox. They use it to socialize, play games, and make friends. We’re helping parents put that time to good use. Alea
STEMbotix educates youngsters to cutting-edge technology and gives them the skills they need to succeed in today's technologically-driven world. Two of our aims for pupils are self-worth and future su
Imasion is the first platform that integrates complex science that introduces at an early age topics such as: biomimetics, biomaterials, neuroaesthetics, and soft robotics through fantastic worlds tog
ACT (Active Citizenship for Transformation) @ ACRES
ACT@ACRES is a Citizenship and Social Change Curriculum that helps students deeply understand issues of prejudice and discrimination theoretically and then participate in social action projects to add
1001 Nights: Life Skills and Civic Education Program
1001 Nights is a multi-platform program that uses cartoons to teach 8-12yr olds social emotional and life skills and civic values such as non violence, inclusion, gender equality and rule of law, in f
CommonLit serves over 23 million teachers and students across the globe with a free research-based digital platform for literacy instruction. Our interactive platform contains thousands of high-intere
Invent Future Global
To enable and empower students to invent and innovate the future in a gIobal context. In the past, the measure of education was “What do you know?” Now all the facts are easily obtained online. Today,