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Full scale educational adventures 3D games for maximum motivation and fun while learning

Liber Domus

location_on Porto, Portugal
The world's first educational adventures role-playing 3D game for learning and schooling of mathematics & science 6th grade curriculum. We created a game engine alongside an educational gamified architecture that suppports a strong connection between any educational content and game-like experience, which relies heavily on character interaction, exploration and roleplaying elements.
Victor Palminha, Teacher
We used Liber Domus in our school, in the context of an innovative classroom, and the challenges were overcome with a significant display of commitment by the students.

Victor Palminha, Teacher


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Updated on June 6th, 2022
about the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We decided to create this innovation because we saw how demotivated students were using normal or gamified tools when studying from home. During the pandemic and lockdowns, that lead to massive focus, motivation and consequently learning losses. We noticed this was due to structural issues. For K12 students, play is an important part and so we decided to focus on that.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Our solution addressed the issue by creating a 3D RPG game that, due to it's characteristics, appeals to students and allows them to be immersed in an interactive and motivating story. We designed what we consider to be adventure-based learning. Each educational content is inserted inside a quest which is accessible depending on specific progress inside the story and the character evolution, as well as the relationship created with characters. Every learning moment is supported with educational tips, contents and support, as well as humanized feedback. The player, immersed on the game and story, connects emotionally with the contents and focused on the progression. We have tested this solution with over 600 students and results have been really positive, both using the tool at home and at school, we've witnessed increased in over 61% in motivation, 81% considered it was faster to learn and 97% said they were having fun while studying thanks to the game.

How has it been spreading?

Currently our main achievements has been to be able to implement this solution in several schools, and being able to test it in depth. We were also accepted into a research project which will expand our findings. Other achievement was to be able to gather a team which is perfect for the development of this solution, one that's not easily replicable.
In the future we plan to evolve, expanding our solution to mobile (tablet), multiplayer capacity and classroom solution as it has been requested by teachers. We also want to expand into other games for other content and school years, and also adapt the developed game to other geographies.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

They can contact us so we can help implement the solution. This implementation can be to use the game at home individually, which we provide via website and email. In the classroom, we do visits to classrroms to demonstrate the game and then provide the licenses necessary. For research, we provide the game for free as is.


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May 2022
ECGBL'22 Finalist Selection
May 2022
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August 2021
Born from Knowledge Award

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