HundrED Advisory Board

The HundrED Advisory Board consists of all stakeholders in education. Their expertise and experience are essential to help inform the selection of innovations in our Spotlight projects.

Benefits of being part of the HundrED Advisory Board

An insider look at the leading innovations in education

An exclusive look at the leading education innovations that are improving education worldwide.

Exclusive invitation

Attend our invitation-only flagship event, the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki, Finland. An exciting opportunity to present and connect with innovators and experts around the world. Last year we hosted 50+ innovators from 27 different countries.

Excellent professional development experience

Gain a better understanding of leading education innovations globally. 

Learn more about HundrED Advisory

The HundrED Advisory consists of all stakeholders in education, from educators to students, innovators & in-field experts with a certain level of expertise in the theme and/or region of the Spotlight. Their perspectives and insights help to inform our selection of the 5-20 leading innovations selected for the Spotlight. 

  • Demonstrate a level of experience on the theme and/or region of the Spotlight.  
  • Passionate about innovation in education. 
  • Aptitude for research and commitment to understanding the innovations. 
  • Possess a strong track record and a reliable network within the education sector.
  • Fluently read, write, and communicate in English.  

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Advisory Testimonials

HundrED Advisory

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