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Lesley McMillan

Lesley McMillan

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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I am an Interior Designer, based on Edinburgh, Scotland. I work in Local Authority predominantly designing learning spaces in nurseries and schools. I am and Chair the SBID (Society of British and International Design) Education Design Advisory Counil. I

About me

I am an interior Designer at the City of Edinburgh Council and Chair of the Education Design Advisory Council for the Society of British and International Design.

Particularly passionate about designing inclusive and holistic educational spaces seeking to put effective design at the core of the learning process and show how evidence-based design decisions can transform the learning experience for everyone.  

I am on the advisory board of the Superpower Agency a charity aiming to create a learning space which builds self-esteem and encourages aspiration by improving literacy.

Wellness in Learning Spaces
Meeting Lesley McMillan
Lesley McMillan
Davidson Mains Primary School - Interior Environment
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Lesley McMillan